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Our LIFE HACKS on GRATITUDE is a workbook of affirmations, activities with teacher, worksheets, value laden performance tasks for the whole family and guide for parents designed to help you in developing gratefulness in your children.


With these fun and engaging activities including a MOVIE NIGHT, your children will learn how to:


•Be more thankful,

•Acknowledge each of the family members roles and sacrifices,

•Appreciate the gift of family and time spent with one another,  


Our dear LEADER, your child, will discover that gratitude can be learned like any other skill. This is an important building block to their “life anchors.”


Our interactive movie night and family dinner activity will help our students develop their appreciation for the family, putting them on the path to happiness and success.


Tip for the parents: Make the family dinner time more special by serving your child’s favorite dish! 


Personalized name tracing


White Board and whiteboard marker

Life-Hacks Activities

Module - Gratitude Module

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