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Our LIFE HACKS on transportation month is a workbook of affirmations, activities with teacher, worksheets and guide for parents designed to help you in developing resilience, and perseverance in your children.


For this school year, this is designed as an introduction to the school year. Some discussions about the traffic lights, laundry, squeezing & washing, sorting laundry, clothes care signs | tags included along with our lessons in the E-LEARNING SECTION.


With these fun and engaging activities, your children will learn how to:

•Be street smart

•To follow traffic lights regulations and applying it in daily class as behavior guidelines

•Know the laundry, proper squeezing, washing, sorting the clothes

•Making a paper boat


Our dear LEADERS, your child, will discover that being street smart can be learned  like any other skill. It just takes practice and patience.



Personalized name tracing
White Board and whiteboard marker
Life-Hacks Activities

Module - Transportation

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